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Will code generation reduce the quality of my code?

Recently we've been evaluating code generation tools and helpers like Resharper and Code Rush. We've focused more on Code Rush as it has equal capabilities for both VB and C# and we deal with both languages, Resharper is much more focused on C#.

Though the tools help you write more code faster, I have this niggling question in the back of my mind: is this really a good thing? I can't help feeling that I'm missing out on some tactile experience with the code if I'm not typing every character of it. I find that if writing out the code for a class is a chore then I'll stand back and rethink whether I'm actually doing the best thing. Literally feeling the pain in my fingers of possibly poor code.

If that crap code is easy to write, will I not feel the pain and leave potentially crap code in my software?

I'll also miss out on the down time whilst I'm cranking out code that I let my BackgroundWorker think about the wider ideas.

Is it possible to code too fast, or are my fears unfounded?

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