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New comments from Intense Debate

I’ve been disappointed by the comments provided by blogger so I thought I’d look at applications that can be used instead.

I know that Rob Conery had a similar problem at some point so I thought I’d try out what he is using: Intense Debate.

I’ll see how it goes.

What I can say about it is that the install process was really easy. They really made it as easy as possible for you to use their commenting system.

SQL Server 2005 replication errors table

Just a quick one so I have this as a reference as it takes me a while to find it each time I forget.

The SQL statement to get the errors from replication as the ones the monitor gives you can be very vague is:

select * from msdb.dbo.sysreplicationalerts

Note that it is only a status type message unless error_id is not zero.