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A new name for ALT.NET

I will be attending Progressive .NET Tutorials next week and it got me thinking this morning.

Wouldn’t Progressive .NET be a much more positive and inclusionary name?

I’ve always felt the alternative part of ALT.NET to be quite elitist, exuding the feeling of “we’re different to you and that makes us better”.

Lets look at the dictionary definition of alternative:

  1. A situation which allows a mutually exclusive choice between two or more possibilities.
  2. A choice between two or more mutually exclusive possibilities.
  3. One of several mutually exclusive things which can be chosen.

It’s all about choosing between different things and can give the impression of “it’s our way or the wrong way”.

Progressive .NET (could be similarly shortened to PROG.NET) could soften the message of the ALT.NET movement whilst having the same meaning.

For contrast, lets look at the dictionary definition of progressive:

  1. Favouring or promoting progress; advanced.
  2. Gradually advancing in extent; increasing.
  3. Promoting or favouring progress towards improved conditions or new policies, ideas or methods:
    a progressive politician.
    progressive business leadership.

Isn’t progression of the craft of software engineering what ALT.NET is all about?

To be a part of ALT.NET I get the impression that you have to have mastered IoC, xDD, etc. before you can become a member. PROG.NET gives an altogether softer face, whilst still having the same ideals:

Want to improve your software? So do we, come join in.

Isn’t a message like that going to help ALT.NET cross the chasm? Then again, some will say what's in a name?