I have moved my active blog over to tumblr. I've maintained this blog for reference but will be posting to http://www.robustsoftware.co.uk instead. I've pointed my Feedburner feed to tumblr so if you're subscribed already you should already have switched with me.

Progressive .NET Tutorials

I will be attending the Progressive .NET Tutorials next week and I must say I’m looking forward to it. It’s slightly disappointing that Scott Bellware couldn’t make it for his testing track on Monday but there’s plenty of other things going on. This is my plan for the week:


Travelling down from Nottingham with Andrew Bullock and checking into the Farringdon Travelodge down the road from Skills Matter. Nothing planned for this evening, probably get something to eat and then hit the hay before a busy few days.


Going to start the morning with Specification by example and Agile acceptance testing led by Gojko Adzic, it will be good to hear someone talk about testing as everything I’ve learnt has been picked up through screencasts and blogs.

For the afternoon I’m uncertain whether to go for Gojko’s FitNess.NET workshop or Sebastien Lambla’s workshop on OpenRasta. I think how well I get on with Gojko’s style of presentation in the morning will be the deciding factor.

In the evening I’m attempting to arrange a meal with other people from the tutorials then probably go to a bar for a drink or two.


I’m going to spend the whole day with Oren Eini learning about NHibernate. Again this is something I’m using already but all I’ve learnt is taken from the internet. Learning from one of the developers of NHibernate is an opportunity that cannot be missed.

In the evening Sebastien Lambla has arranged AltNetBeers where there will be an OpenConf style discussion. I’m looking forward to this nearly as much as the tutorials themselves.


Going to spend this day listening to David Laribee's thoughts on project management and teamwork. I’m hoping to come away from this with inspiration on how I can help improve my team’s practices.

Finishing it all off Skills Matter have arranged a trip to a pub for a drink or two. I’ll be spending about an hour there before catching the train back to Nottingham.

Thursday and Friday

I’m planning on blogging about the things I’ve learnt over the previous 3 days. So look forward to a raft of blog posts.


I might get chance to knock together a blog post, but I’ll be tweeting whenever I get half a second spare so follow me if you’re interested in what’s going on.