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ASP.NET MVC Route Testing with HTTP Verbs

I’ve started RESTful ASP.NET MVC from scratch and I am test-driving it. Writing code without tests is ok for proofs of concept but as I was planning on continually adding to the project I felt I had to start again and make sure everything was tested. As part of the process I was looking to test my routing rules. I used Phil Haack’s route testing helper as a starting point but I think I’ve customised it enough to warrant a post.

The first thing I did was change his static method into an extension method. However, my routes were also dependant upon the HTTP verb used so I had to add that in on top. I also needed to check that a route wouldn’t be matched for the same reason as a URI which is valid for a GET may not be valid for a POST.

My route test helper and an example of it in action from the test-driven branch of restful-aspmvc.

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